How to Grab your Customer’s Attention in Customer Service

Improving your brand and business relies on attracting and keeping customers, and techniques of powerful advertising and marketing change as unexpectedly as the technology does. As of 2016, almost 90% of companies used social media advertising, a technology that almost didn’texisted a decade ago.This also goes for customer service.

Many years back, the only way that customers coul reach you or you could reach them was through a telephone call. Now things have changed and there are many platforms that customers can use to reach you.While this comes with many advantages it also comes with it’s disadvantages.

There are so many brands and businesses out there that are also using these platforms to reach out to customers for both marketing and customer service purposes. It is very easy to drown in that noise.

Inorder to standout and to be more reliable. Marketing and Customer service departments can collaborate when it comes to online presence or using traditional methods. Here are some tips you can try out to grab your customers attention in customer service.

Understand your  Target Audience

Just like it is important to know your target audience in marketing, it is equally important in customer service. How well do you know the people that purchase your product or service? Knowing your target audience puts you a step ahead in troubleshooting.

When you know and understand your customers it makes it easier to solve their problems. For instance, dealing with an elderly customer and dealing with a teenager are two different situations when it comes to solutions that require using technology. This may mean that there has to be to alternatives of solving the same issue.

One way to understand your target audience better is taking customer surveys. Surveys can assist in understanding customers better by asking them questions concerning your customer service methods and processes. It will allow you to know what customer service platforms need to be adjusted and how they need to be adjusted.

Encourage Self Service in Customer Service

Customers actually do not like making that call to complain about a problem. Often times they look for a way to solve their problem first before they call you. Calling you is their last resort. With that in mind, it is important to have self service platforms that allow your customers to attend to the less complex problems on their own.

Taking customer surveys can also enable you to realize which problems occur often with your customers. You can take this information to develop FAQ’s. Another way that you can help your customers help themselves is by putting information on your website as articles. Articles can be a form of self service.

Place articles on your customer service website that help your customers understand your product or your service more. The more customers can help themselves due to access to information, the more they will like your services or products. Everyone likes to feel empowered!

Gamify Customer Service

There are many factors that throw people off when it comes to customer support. One of them is hold time. It is therefore important to find ways to keep customers entertained while they wait for a live agent to attend to them.

There are several things that you can do to entertain customers that are waiting to be attended to. Some companies use music to entertain, however, this can be annoying to some customers. Using something more interactive like a general knowledge quiz or fun facts about your product or service can be less annoying.

Hold time can be an opportunity to market your products or services to your customer, it is also an opportunty for them to learn how to leverage your product or service.

You can also use gamification to make self service more fun for the customer. Solving a problem does not always have to be frustrating. Giving your customer a fun experience while solving their problem can increase customer loyalty.

Be Unique

While in some cases it’s not neccessary to re-invent the wheel, sometimes you need to be different. Find unique ways to make you customer service more engaging and more convinient. In a world where everyone is trying to do the same thing it can pay to usher in new ways of doing things.

It is vital to find ways to make your brand stand out. Your customer service strategy should be a representation of your brand. Customer service can also be used as a marketing tool. The more your customer service stands out amoungst competitors the more you market your brand.

Customer Service is About Connecting With Your Customers

There are so many ways to connect with your customers these days. These day businesses have access to so many online platforms. Create forums where your customers can connect with you as well as with each other.

This can also be a form of self service. It can be very convinient and time saving if customers can also interact with each other and help each other solve problems. Sometimes a customermaybe facing a problem that another customer has dealt with before and they can provide information on how to go about the issue.

Connecting with customers is not just for the marketing department. It can also be very beneficial for the customer service department. When you connect with customers be it on social media or in a forum, you begin to understand them even more. Doing this will help you discover which areas of your customer service need to improve.

It can also provide feed back on any improvements that are required to make your product or service better.

Invest in Customer Experience

Improving your customer support strategy can be costly. However you stand to benefit more as a business. Consult with customer support experts on certain issues that you are struggling to solve on your own as a business.

At times getting the perspective of an outsider can help you see things that you can be blinded to due to pride or other factors that can block you from seeing where you are getting it wrong. Customer service is almost similar to dating.

Your customers want to feel like you are doing everything in your power to get their attention and win them over. Igniting a CX Celebration all year is all about grabbing your customers’ attention and keeping it.

When you win your customers’ attention, do not stop there. Maintain it!

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