Lauren Volpe – QuadPay : Introducing Customer Service Week to a FinTech Startup | Episode 008

Lauren Volpe Show Description

How do you introduce Customer Service Week if you haven’t celebrated it before? Fortunately for Lauren Volpe, Chief Experience Officer of QuadPay, celebrating the people behind the customer experience is already part of QuadPay’s culture. Whether it has been formally celebrated before or not, you can still Ignite CX Celebration! Listen to this episode and get valuable insights on how she and QuadPay celebrate Customer Service Week.

Lauren is the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at QuadPay, currently one of the fastest growing Buy Now, Pay Later platforms. Her areas of expertise include creating exceptional customer, agent and employee experiences, contact center operations, training and metrics. Lauren is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and enjoys discussing all things CX. In her spare time, you can find her reading about CX, talking about CX, and even singing about CX (some would say unfortunately). Lauren also enjoys spending with her kids and lots of time on the golf course, pondering her latest project plan and also wondering how she blew that last putt! To learn more about Lauren, you can check out her Linkedin profile at or participate in a twitter chat @laurenqvolpe

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