Lisa Oswald – Travelzoo: Navigating Through Tough Times in the Travel Industry | VIDEO

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When the pandemic hit and international travel came to a halt, Travelzoo faced its most difficult and trying times. People were afraid of traveling and were required to stay at home. Despite the fearful conversations people were having, Lisa Oswald, SVP, of Global Customer Service for Travelzoo shares how she and her team became the voice of calm and reassurance for the anxious traveler. Listen to this episode of the Customer Service Weekly Podcast as we Ignite CX Celebration through stories of resilience, empathy, and commitment to caring.

Lisa P. Oswald is senior vice president of global customer service, in support of Travelzoo’s 30 million members and clients worldwide. Well-versed in travel, previously, she was vice president of operations and customer service for, where she led sales and service for the dot com and its affiliate partner network, from start-up through a decade-plus of transformational change. Lisa is a chapter leader with SOCAP International, the customer care industry’s leading professional development association, and an Advisory Board member with Execs In The Know, a global community of customer experience executives. In 2018, Travelzoo was named the People’s Choice Stevie Award Winner for Favorite Customer Service in the travel and hospitality industry.

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00:37 – About Lisa Oswald and Travelzoo

02:48 – Tough times in the travel industry

04:51 – Positive changes brought about by the crisis

09:07 – The feedback loop between the agent and the customer

12:57 – How Lisa Oswald and Travelzoo celebrate Customer Service Week

15:08 – Celebrating with remote workers

17:10 – Learning from past failures and focusing on positive stories and feedback

21:08 – Opportunities for growth

24:07 – Things that are not true anymore

26:24 – Advice for future leaders

28:26 – Helping leaders build their creative muscles

30:49 – Connect with Lisa Oswald

Memorable Quotes

“You need to develop an aptitude for empathy for your customers and for your colleagues.”

“Become the best storyteller you can be.”

“We all have talents, we all have hidden gifts, and it’s just a matter of having the persistence and the courage to keep trying to uncover them.”

“The right time to experiment is right now.”

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